Businesses need Values

People have interacted through business over countless centuries. Life depends on a wide range of partnerships between individuals. The complex network within a community anywhere in the world makes a fascinating study. This business sector also … [Read more]

Generous Spirit

generous spirited

Do you have a spirit of generosity? Guest post from Coach Kevin, May 7th, 2012 Think of the past week: What person or business did you deal with that was really memorable? Which category were they from? What made them so memorable? Coach … [Read more]

Amazon Book Ideas

This is my Amazon Store, which provides lists of business books you might find useful as recommended by Amazon. When  you order books through this page then the funding comes to ShortonIdeas.       … [Read more]

How many people have you talked to today?


  This is maybe a surprise question but I believe it is an important one. Taking time to engage meaningfully with others – such as staff in shops and supermarkets –  is very important to everyone. The bank which I use here in the UK encourage … [Read more]

Starfish Malawi

Starfish Malawi CD

30 April 2012   It was special to spend time greenlighting with the Founder of Starfish Malawi a few years back when Chris was in the early stages of setting up this excellent project. Things have really developed and expanded well over … [Read more]

Amazing Patience

Paralympian athletes [Courtesy Wikipedia]

  An incredible example of patience which I experienced some decades ago was by a youngster in a Shaftesbury Home. I had taken my junior class to visit the home and see the challenges that some of the youngsters faced. He had little … [Read more]